How I joined BTS A.R.M.Y in my 30's


This morning I saw a tweet from @hassanoualy about how he, at 32 years of age,  became an A.R.M.Y., or proud BTS (방탄소년단) fan for those out of the know. He shared that he'd written a blog and requested that people check it out, so I checked it out. 

Let me say that I found it interestingly inspirational and have, only minutes later, returned to my own blog after a year to share my own story of joining the "fam"-dom. 

My journey was not exactly a direct one and tbh is still going. Like many ARMYs the rabbit hole opened to me at a low point in my life. As I peered over the ledge, I'd find myself genuinely smiling, laughing out loud for extended periods of time and inexplicably feeling less alone. I liked that feeling. 

I remember remembering the realization that I was a full fledged A.R.M.Y happened during the holidays last year. Prior to that, I'd been familiar with the seven member music group, BTS, for years. I used to have access to Mnet on basic cable and I'd get my kpop fix. They were in my scope of pop culture knowledge, and when I happened to come across a music video on YouTube or a song on Spotify from them, I'd happily check it out and be surprised every single time. 

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Yay, Canada!

I'm going to Canada for the first time EVER!!!!

Just a little bit excited about this trip, if you can't tell. Toronto, here I come!
Once I get over the thrill, it'll probably hit me that I don't know a single thing about Toronto and what I should see while I'm there. Today, may be the only "free" day I have and in lieu of sleep, I may need to do some exploring.
I slept for about 20 minutes in the past 30 hours. I didn't mean to, but I had to do laundry, run errands, and pack for the next month on the go. There was no time for resting when a new adventure was only hours away.

Anyway, what will I do in Toronto once I drop my stuff at the hotel? Probably walk around and take some photos. The hotel is near the water, so that'll be fun. Maybe I'll be able to see the US from there. There's my ignorance coming through. Oops.

As I walked to the gate this morning, I thought to myself, I haven't gone out of the country in a bit. At least 3 year, right? I need to plan my next big trip STAT.

I brought my Korean book with me to study and I'll watch a bunch of youtube videos when I can. So, maybe Korea will be my next stop!

Any other suggestions? I'm eager to hear from you and if you're interested in joining me, woohoo! The more the merrier!

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On The Road Again

I'm heading out first thing tomorrow morning to learn a little something on the West Coast for a few days and see some people I haven't seen in a while.

Should be a good, mysterious time. I think I can say what I'm doing, but I'm not 100% positive, so I'll just keep "Mum" about it to play it safer. But know that I'm kinda a little excited about it and looking forward to all of the surprises. I'm sure there will be a few of them. I'll attempt to remember to take photos documenting that I was actually there, but if you know me (I assume you do, since strangers wouldn't waste time reading about lil' ol' me), then you know I don't pull out my phone unless it rings, and I'm not going to pull out my camera since I get way too focused on it when it's in my hands. Anyway, maybe someone will take photos for me and share them with me later. Maybe.

So, I have to pack and get a little rest before I hop into a car and hustle to the airport as ass o'clock in the morning.

Wish me fun, laughter and safety on my voyage.

Hasta cuando...
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Back to the #DailyGrind

After a not so great evening, Victoria begins another day, hoping to forget all about the waste of time and space known as her ex-boyfriend.


--Gridlock traffic
--People rushing in and out of coffee shops and delis
--Work and school crowd rushing up and down subway entrance
--Busy subway platform...


Commuters push their way in and out of the car. Doors close. The train starts.

LADY IN WHITE, early 20s, cute, folds a NEWSPAPER and offers her seat to an ELDERLY MAN who gratefully accepts.

The train jerks and she instinctively grabs an overhead bar and squeezes in next to VICTORIA MASON, in a PINK WINTER COAT.

Victoria rolls her eyes at the gesture, and continues blocking out the morning crush by focusing on the TABLET in her hand.

A NEWSPAPER suddenly blocks her view.

She looks around the it and side-eyes the Lady in White whose eyes widen slightly before she gasps and stumbles into Victoria.

Excuse me.
Lady In White smiles apologetically and moves her newspaper.

Victoria nods and returns to her reading.

Lady In White suddenly jerks forward bumping into Victoria.

Victoria looks up really taking in the people around her. Lady In White looks away, embarrassed.

Victoria exhales loudly, steps closer to Lady In White and returns to reading.
A moment later her elbow thrusts back. A GRUNT is instantly heard behind her.

What the hell, lady?

(over her shoulder)
Watch your hands. She’s not interested.
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Thoughts? Feedback?


Out with 2016 - #ForgetRomance

So, there's been some writing coming out of my little fingers. I only hope to progress further than I have up to this point.



Barry and Victoria pose for a photo. Her smile is bright and his expression is neutral.
The WAITRESS returns her phone and they resume dining.
Victoria merrily types on her phone.


She eagerly watches Barry, waiting for him to talk. He slowly sips a glass of wine. She can’t take it anymore.

You said you had something to say?
(caresses her ring finger)
Earlier. You said you wanted to talk at dinner tonight.

(drains the glass)


We should break up. For good.

A bad chord plays and the music abruptly stops.
Her smile dies a slow, bewildered death.

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Thoughts? Feedback?

The Increasing Cost of Entertainment

When did the price to see a movie before noon in NYC increase?

Three days ago, I watched Jason Bourne and paid $7.99 for the the 10 AM screening. Today, I was planning to see The Magnificent Seven, but the first price that hit me for the 10:15 AM IMAX screening was $20.49! Wha~!?
I then backed out because I don't really need to see it in IMAX, and NOT for that price, and selected standard (at the 34th St AMC Loews, my go-to spot for "affordable" flicks) and the price for the 11:15 AM screening is $15.49. Umm....

What the hell happened in three days? Was someone thinking, Gee, I can't believe 3 people actually came to the 10 AM show on Friday earning us a whole $24. Ugh. Now we have to pay people to clean that huge audorium that hardly anyone was in. Yup, that was $24 down the drain. Maybe if we make it more expensive, no one will come that early and we won't have to clean up after them.. Yeah, that's it. Fewer people will come to the movies in the morning if we make the prices the same as the afternoon. Genius!

I trolled the other theaters and it looks like prices are up across the board, but a 101% increase is the extreme at that spot. Why did I renew my AMC Stubs membership if I can't even afford to go to the movies? #notcool

So it looks like I'll be venturing to the AMC 25 at Times Square (if they ever get a movie of interest), or to the Lincoln Square 13 spot, which maintains the matinee pricing. Heck yeah, I'll take the longer trip to save $7. Humph.

Do people even pay those ridiculous prices that early in the morning? Nay, I say, nay! So it's sayonara, 34th St entertainment, and good luck with that. I'm taking my money and my Stubs card to a cheaper, less thrilling theater. #Yourewelcome!

Oh My ____________________!

Well, that part of my life has come to an end and I have returned to NYC! Currently on the hunt for an affordable place to reside and continue with my neverending quest for creative awesomeness.

In case you were wondering, the learning and growing has not ended just because I'm not hopping from city to city each week. With stability comes opportunity.
I attended a voice over class yesterday and signed up for Basic Korean lessons! I've started memorizing the alphabet and can already feel new wrinkles folding into my brain. As for voice over, it was great! I learned (and relearned) techniques and got to play around a bit with some new exercises, which is always fun. I also learned that my breath support is still pretty stellar.

Now, I just need to rest my voice up a bit and get it back into NYC working order. I've also got to rest my foot. Who knew that to actually get it to heal, it needs to rest? What a novel idea. Unfortunately, it's pretty difficult to rest a foot when you need it to walk on for a hefty chunk of every day. Fingers crossed that I'll get a few days soon, where I'm not constantly putting much stress on it.

Moral of the Story:
Sometimes you just gotta stop and laugh at yourself

Catch My Breath

Phew! It's been a crazy, non-stop, funfilled, exhausting, memorable, trying, unique, eclectic six weeks on the road. Roadlife, to say the least, has been interesting. I've been from East, to West, to Central, Mountain and now I'm back out West (until tomorrow). It's literally been non-stop from day one and I haven't had time to do more than pass out and wake up to do it all again the next day. San Diego, I think, has been the first city in which I've been able to catch my breath. And the best part is this week was/is Comic Con and as hectic as it's been, I've still been able to take an hour or three this week to walk around and see what I can see.

Last night, I simply came up to my room to shower and sleep and once I got out of the elevator, there was Stan Lee, as I live and breathe, looking for a room. What a surprise! I'd already said, "Hi," before it connected who he was and then he was on the phone and on the hunt for that elusive room number (on the other side of the floor). He nodded and kept it moving and I did my best not to turn around, watch, take a photo and share with anyone (the hallway was deserted). FYI, he looks EXACTLY the same as he does in the movies, coordinated track suit and all.

Anyway, tour life has been fun. In each city, no matter how exhausted I've been, I've gone out at least once to explore and see something unique about that city and grab a photo. I've been doing better on instagram, even if my posts aren't anything to brag about. I'm going to be better about writing each day (creatively) and keeping my restless fans updated on my life. I'm also going to do better about taking photos of myself and the others actually doing something other than posing for the camera. I honestly forget to take photos until we're back on the road going to the next venue.

Today is our final day in San Diego. It's Children's day for Comic Con, so I'm not exactly sure what or who to expect today. Does that mean a lot of families will be in attendance? Or will they be going to Comic Con and all the adults will come to see us instead? OR it'll probably be a mixed bag like it has been every other day here. Everyone has been so friendly and cheerful and they're really excited to be here. I'm going to try to remember to take pictures out in the lobby today with some of the attendees. You would not believe the effort that went into a LOT of the cos-play which paid off, and you would probably believe the effort (or lack thereof) that went into others which I have no interest in immortalizing in photograph.

In a nutshell, everything is going well, our final flight of the tour is tomorrow then it's back to driving, people are fun, people are silly, people get on my nerves, and I'm having fun every single day even though I'm not getting enough rest.


Such Sweet Sorrow & Last Minute Errands

It's been a good run here in Chey-town. I think it felt like a vacation, except for the part where I didn't really go anywhere or do anything. Happily, I was able to keep myself motivated enough to get up each morning to workout and make a smoothie to start the day. I tried to be healthy the rest of the time, but "When in Rome..." blah, blah, you know how that goes.

One more day and I'm on another plane further west. I'm not sure how I feel on any given day. I'm still excited about the hotels, but less excited about the swimming pools since I'm not sure how my hair will handle that. Perhaps I'll take a dip once a week, on my off day, so I have time to get myself back in order.

In my mind, it kinda feels like my real vacation will be starting once I'm in California, but that can't be. I'm betting come Monday morning reality will slap me in the forehead with some much deserved force. But then again, maybe reality will be as much fun as I'm hoping it will be and instead of a slap there will be a tickle and I'll laugh really loudly and people will stare because they'll have no clue why I'm laughing all by myself at what appears to be nothing.

There are a few odds and ends I want to take care of here in the Old West and I'm betting I'll have a full day of it tomorrow. At the top of my list is buying a shot glass that says "Cheyenne" on it. I probably already own one, but there's a chance that I don't, so I'm getting one before I blow this popsicle stand.

I think I had a point when I sat down to type this, but it's late and my brain is shutting down for the evening. So, until next time, dear reader. Happy Weekend to all, and to All a great Summer!
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While the Mountain Peoples Sleep

I woke up this morning on the bright side of the bed. Don't you love a change in time zone? For at least another day, I'll have a few more productive hours in one day! I got up early (regular time by NYC standards) and completed a full workout while the world (Mountain Time) slept, except for a couple of really quick rabbits.

One of my goals over the next to weeks is to improve my heart health and strengthen all of my muscles. Step one has been taken after catching my breath yesterday and having a last hurrah on the less healthy train which culminated in single-handedly demolishing a Super Potato Ole (sans beef) from Taco John's. More and less than I expected, but I ate every last bite (except the icky tomatoes, of course).

Today's morning smoothie (before and after the cardio workout) was delicious and I'm feeling pretty good about achieving my goal. Later I'm heading to a Linner (Lunch/Dinner) thing and going on a bike ride later. I go where the day takes me and since I'm the visitor, I accept all invitations and adventures. It's all about the journey, after all.

If you're in Wyoming over the next week or so, feel free to send an invite or activity suggestion. #YOLO
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